I keep on getting a bad image warning

Hello,i\'ve a HP Pavilion Elite m9170a PC with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. The computer is regarding 2-3 years old.About 6-8 weeks back my sister put in the computer a farewell dvd from school and I don't know what she did or clicked on. Usually I suggest her out with these things, but not this time. She didn't tell me what she was doing hence I was mad as hell when I searched she stuffed up the PC.The trouble is I keep on having a bad image warning regarding 20-30 times when I turn on the computer and each time I open a new programme. Apart from that i\'ve no virus' and computer work well.The inform goes like this:---------.exe c:\windows\system32\guard32.dll is either not designed to run on windows or contains an bug. Try installing the programme again using the original media or contact your \'s computer administrator or the software vendor for help.The file name does alter and the only thing you can do is click okay or close the read box on the top right hand corner. The bad image inform also has a red circle with a red x in it.How can I get rid of these msgs? Thanxs for searching,Audrey

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